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    Borislav Kirilov Ltd offers Two Weeks Free Internet Access !
    You already had an Internet Supplier, 
    but wish to try the quality of our services.

    Here are our Terms & Conditions :

    • This is an one-time Free Internet Access trail offer for two weeks, provided by Borislav Kirilov Ltd.
    • The Clients of Borislav Kirilov Ltd are NOT eligible for the free access.
    • Ones who want to try this opportunity should have an e-mail address with a domain .com, .net or .bg BUT NOT a hot mail or free server.
    The Free Trial Access can be taken away without notice when :
    • There is an evidence for violation of the Internet Code.
    • There is an attempt to break into the system or its software.

1. Name:  
Family Name  
2. Address :  
Street + N  
Office Tel*  
3. Valid e-mail address  
      * - by choice
    When you fill in correctly the above form, you'll receive on your e-mail address a Name and an Access Password as well as Set-Up Instructions for your computer How to make the link with Borislav Kirilov Ltd.